Why Choose resi?

Award Winning

We are proud that we've established a stellar array of industry awards, including the Best Non Bank Lender at the 2012 Australian Lending Awards. Resi is known for our superior service, quality and value for money products. Click here to view a list of our awards throughout the years.

Solid Reputation

You can't simply buy a good reputation. With over 25 years experience of helping Australians achieve their dreams, we know that establishing a reputation comes through hard work and dedication. Our industry peers are acutely aware of who we are - and our clients are happy to refer others to us because of our expertise and the level of service they receive.

Brand Awareness

The resi brand is backed by a solid stable of products supported by our extensive and effective marketing programs including TV and mainstream press. Our brand reputation combined with our products and a strong marketing presence generates a consistent inflow of new client enquiries each year.